1. Madonna uses Vita Coconut water to refuel after an intense workout – she loves the drink so much she even invested millions into the company! Coconut water is more beneficial than regular H20 since it replaces electrolytes lost during workouts and is believed to aid in weight loss.

2. Lauren Conrad – LC has cut out caloric coffee drinks (fancy Starbucks drinks) and now only orders coffee black – no sugar, no milk (gross!).

3. Jennifer Hudson has lost a lot of weight doing Weight Watchers – in fact she’s lost an amazing 5 dress sizes. She now tracks what she eats by counting points (a system used by Weight Watchers). She can still enjoy her favorite foods like sushi and pizza!

4. Real Housewife Bethanny Frankel lost an astonishing 29 lb.s after her baby was born in just three weeks – she claims it was mostly water weight, but she also dieted to get back into shape. Her sample menu includes a muffin and fruit for breakfast (low-fat), a veggie sandwhich and soup for breakfast, and BBQ chicken and half a sweet potato for dinner.

5. Amanda Seyfried is a raw food eater, she prefers to have her veggies, fruitrs, nuts and seeds uncooked. The diet works for her because heat is thought to destroy the enzymes that aid in digestion – translation: cooked food may sit in your stomach longer, leading you to ingest more calories.

6. Audrina Patridge is a dance-aholic. She loves to get down with a dancing DVD, Dirty Dancing: Official Dance Workout. The DVD features songs and moves from the hit movie!

7. Rihanna loves to spice it up! She indulges in spicy hot foods, which include Capsaicin – a compound in hot peppers said to rev metbolism and curb hunger.

8. Halle Berry likes to sip flavored water instead of plain old H20 – she enjoys Hint, a zero-calorie drink that has a fruity zest.

9. Kelly Rowland cut sugar from her diet for health reasons and automatically lost 10 pounds without even trying!

10. Cameron Diaz is into a new British fad diet, the Lunch Box diet – she eats a regular breakfast and dinner. For lunch she snacks all afternoon from a lunchbox filled with 60 veggies, 30 protein and 10 percent fat.