If focused fat reduction was possible, all the crunches and sit-ups you’ve been doing for so long would’ve burnt the layer of fat on your abdomen by now. Unfortunately; it’s not.

Thus, you can only reduce fat from problem areas through the reduction of fat from your whole body. In order to achieve this, you will need to adopt a full-body weight-loss program that encompasses a nutritious, low calorie diet, as well as regular cardio exercises and strength training. The calorie deficit you’ll have from this routine will in turn, trigger the reduction of fat that’ll eliminate fat from problem areas, revealing well-defined and developed muscles underneath.

Most people with an active lifestyle have well-built and well-defined muscles that are hidden under a slight layer of fat. Let’s discuss how to shed the blanket and allow the onlookers to gaze at your awe-inspiring muscular accomplishments.

Following are the five steps you can follow to work up to the big reveal.

1.     Start Your Engines

Just as in the winters, you leave your engine running in the garage to warm it up; you need to warm your metabolism up in the same way. In order to achieve that; you will have to follow the one advice you probably never listened to as a kid; having a balanced breakfast. A well-balanced meal complete with fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins will jump start your metabolism, providing proper nourishment to the muscles you’ve build so far. With your metabolism up and running this early in the day, it will also initiate the fat burning process.

2.     Warm Up & Cardio

Warming up with moderate exercises, work up a sweat for the duration of around 150 to 300 minutes a week. Strive to engage both, the upper and lower body, and gradually increase your heart rate to optimize caloric burning. For example, walk rapidly or jog along while pumping the arms back and forth. For this, you can even use jump ropes, a rowing machine, pedaling machines that have moving handles for the arms, or if you prefer, you can even signup for kick boxing classes.

Alternate between low-medium intensity and high intensity; one-hour cardio sessions. The high intensity interval effectively aids in burning layers of fat on your abdomen. Then assume a vigorous stance and break your pace for a minute; and now slow down to a medium pace in order to recover, for two minutes. Begin with only four intervals as your fitness in cardiovascular exercises improves, then gradually work your way up to at least ten intervals.

3.     Diet Consumption Routine

Other than relishing on a substantial, early breakfast, perhaps the most popular way to burn layers of fat is dividing your meals and scheduling to consume them 5 to 8 times throughout the day. This style of diet consumption is sometimes also known as “grazing”. Maintaining this schedule provides your muscles with a constant flow of balanced nourishment, efficiently keeping your metabolism surging all day.

In contrast, having traditional three square meals a day, results in the consumption of massive amounts of calories in each sitting. This makes it very difficult for your metabolism to digest food, slowing it down in the process. Smaller meals, taken often; is the way to burn your fat, minimizing the amount of fat that gets stored in the body.

4.     Strength Training

By now, you must have gotten the idea that the overall reduction of fat requires us to maintain several aspects that ultimately contribute to fat loss. The fourth one is performing strength training exercises at least twice a week. Fat loss is further stimulated when we work our muscles. This is because strength training consumes more energy than fat, effectively increasing your metabolic resting rate.

Begin with basic compound exercises to work multiple groups of muscles simultaneously. Exercises that fall under the category of compound exercises are, dead-lifts, pushups, and bench presses. While other combination of exercises include lunge with front raise, step-up with overhead press, as well as a combination of squats with lateral raises.

In addition to strength training, endeavor to make abdominal exercises a significant part of your strength training routine. Not only will that strengthen your abs, but also clearly outline all your hard work once you lose excess layers of fat. Try including reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, and stability ball crunches.

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To connect the fat burning processes from your kitchen to the gym, create a workout pattern that keeps the fire burning. Perhaps the ideal way to transform your usually, muscle building routine into a power charged fat burning workout is to blend resistance exercises along with body-weight movements. Essentially an added challenge, this routine will allow you to experience cardiovascular workouts like never before; contributing directly to fat loss as well as providing heightened endurance. After completing a massive bench press set, follow it by throwing in a set of pushups.

5.     Go Herbal

In addition to your heavy-duty nutritious low-carb, protein filled diet; it would benefit you greatly if you add green tea into the mix. Taking your fat burning regime to a brand new level, green tea can be taken as a capsule of tea. It’s proven that green tea yields exciting benefits for those conscious about their overall health and physique.

Now that you have the ideal way to shed and eliminate those layers of fat for good, here are a few more things that you can do to compliment your goal. If stress is a substantial part of your life, whether from work or some other personal issues; try your best to cut loose and minimize it. Stress is known to heighten your Cortisol levels that are a direct contributor to fat gain in a body. No matter how great your exercising routine is, you will struggle to lose weight if your Cortisol levels are elevated.

Also, remember to schedule an appointment with your doctor prior to adopting a new diet or workout program, especially if you are suffering from some sort of medical condition.