16/02/2017 at 5:29 pm #8503

    Hi, everyone,

    With a very heavy heart, here is what I wrote pack to the sender of a petition to get Congressman Ellison elected head of the Democratic Party in the US. It was from Curt at Democracy spring:<hello@democracyspring.org

    Please, anyone, explain to me how my guess is wrong because on this one I would hate being correct:

    I am very sorry, Curt, but although Keith Ellison is the best qualified to lead the party, because he is a Muslim his becoming our leader will, I am certain, be such a propaganda tool for the Republicans that they will completely take over every elected office in the US and we will become a one-party dicatatorship. I have been having thos tough conversations wtih people who are REpublicans I know here–slightly know to know a little bit–and with relatives who voted for Trump, and I am certain that ehir irrational terror of Muslims is THE number one reason most people voted for Trump no matter what other reasons they gave.

    Congressman Ellison is a great human being and I’m really sorry about this insane situation we have in the US, but we’d might as well disband the Democratic Party if he becomes the head.

    And for the record, I’ve become a Berniecrat socialistic democrat over the past six years because I am so beyond sick of this oligarchy.

    All best wishes,
    Mary Jane Chilton Curry

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