16/02/2017 at 10:09 am #8502

    Hello, everyone, Here’s what I just sent to 11th District U.S. Congressman Mark Meadows in an email; the link is to a short CNN report this morning. It refers also to the Russian warplanes coming extremely close–closer than ever, apparently–to a US Navy ship.

    Dear Congressman Meadows:
    Please note this terrifyingly dangerous situation: ahttp://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/russian-spy-ship-lurks-off-connecticut-coast/vi-AAmZySJ?ocid=spartandhp
    The links between Trump and his closest advisors are too glaringly evident, and possible treason at worst and violation of the Logan Act at the least is too evident not to launch a full, independent, bipartisan-backed investigation not only of his staff and others related to him. In the report with link above, the world learns that a Russian spy ship is for the first time cruising off the Connecticut coast, shortly after a US Navy warship in the Baltic was extremely dangerously buzzed–harassed–by large Russian warplanes.
    All this is happening in the context of the highly suspect relationship to Deutsche Bank, which has already been fined many millions by the UK and the US for its illegal money-laundering of Russian money. Why would Deutsche Bank lend many millions to Trump when all US banks had refused further loans because of his quadruple bankruptcies and unethical business practices? Especially troubling when Trump’s lawsuit against Deutsche Bank is still active–a suit brought in his effort to avoid a loan repayment to that bank. This is NOT politics–it is a grave matter of national security. For God’s sake do your sworn duty and urge fellow Republicans in Congress to do theirs–following Senator McCain’s lead.

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