• Adrienne
    13/11/2016 at 6:01 pm #8280

    I have an idea for a silent protest. The age of misinformation was, in my opinion, a massive part of our devastating loss last week. Lies that were cultivated, either by state governments, or by your neighbors, friends, of even family, had a huge impact on peoples ideas of how this country needed to change. So, in an effort to peacefully educate our communities, our state, and possibly even people across the nation, I propose this: Why don’t we get a decent sized group of people together with poster boards hung over our shoulders, with one cultivated lie on the front of each person, and the truth of the matter on the backs of each person? We can include our resources for each truth on the boards. We can line up in front of a government building, or WCU, or even just somewhere in Asheville. The first persons sign can say something along the lines of “Knowledge is Power”, or “Educate yourself”. The last persons sign can say something to the effect of “The Truth May Set You Free”. Ideas to make this happen? Or ideas to make it better? What do you all think?

    Chelsea W
    23/11/2016 at 10:57 pm #8318

    I love this idea! We are definitely going to talk about this more on Saturday! Are you thinking that this should be a singular event or could be pulled into a broader progressive protest? We could do the standard ducttape over the mouth technique… one of my favorites!

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