QuickBooks Accountant is an exceptional application developed by Intuit with its many needs and accounting experts in mind. It enables to easily complete and conduct numerous accounting tasks for multiple businesses in a single location. You can perform payroll, bills, manage projects, track expenses, view customers, for instance, to locate and correct erroneous entry errors, and so much more. What’s even better is that the tool is integrated with other tools and functions such as QuickBooks Pro and Easy Cash to help you manage your business finances in a very easy and fast way.

There are some very important things and features to be aware of, however. QuickBooks Accountant isn’t a stand-alone program. Although it can perform accounting tasks independently, QuickBooks Pro is what most accounting professionals use with it. To have the most functionality out of the software, including the capabilities mentioned above, you must download and install QuickBooks Pro or an equivalent. This will get your QuickBooks accountants ready to go and allow them to make the most of their professional expertise.

QuickBooks has a lot of powerful features that allow accounting professionals to control and monitor several aspects of their business using one application. It enables you to create, print, and customize your own reports, both personal and for business use. With QuickBooks, you have the ability to:

Keep organized through QuickBooks. Most accounting professionals will tell you that keeping track of your finances is essential in order to accurately determine your bottom line. This ability applies equally well to small business owners. Using QuickBooks to record daily or weekly journal entries, both in a spreadsheet or as text documents, helps you keep up with expenses, client payments, and more. When using Quickbooks accountant, you can track sales, expenses, and many other aspects of your business quickly and easily.

Make it easy for your clients to contact you. Since your customers depend on you to give them the services and products they need, having a way to reach you makes them feel confident about reaching you and keeping your business running smoothly. Most accounting professionals recommend creating a designated phone number and email address for clients to contact you. You can also add a quick reference number for those who can use an official website (not QuickBooks) to reach you.

Save hours every year by using QuickBooks in conjunction with a third-party payroll provider. When you integrate QuickBooks with payroll services from a payroll provider, you eliminate the need for you or your employees to manually input information into your computer. Using QuickBooks, you will be able to enter and save information about employees, which allows you to quickly create reports and make necessary changes. Since QuickBooks accounts for not only payroll, but taxes and other employee-related information as well, this feature will save you hours every year.

Save time when it comes to hiring employees. When hiring employees, it can take weeks before you receive all the resumes you want reviewed. In addition, you have to interview each candidate before making a final hiring decision. On the other hand, when using a accountant for your business, you can easily create and save a resume within minutes. As an added bonus, you can also send your potential employees a free sample of your hiring services through the website. Since many accounting professionals are wary about allowing a third-party to access their financial information, you can eliminate the fear and save valuable time when it comes to hiring your new employees.

If you run a retail business, you know that having a bank-level security is essential. Your store is not only a reflection on your company, but also on you. This is especially true if you do not personally keep the cash or store credit in house. Fortunately, since QuickBooks has a comprehensive bank-level security feature, you can rest easy knowing that your financial information will remain safe even while allowing your employees’ access to your bank accounts. This is another reason that a accountant is a great investment; not only will they have the skills needed to manage your finances, but they will also know how to protect your company from fraud.