Still browsing the Internet and cannot locate the tags to your Primera LX900 tag printer? If you’re looking only to find the ones that top have a peek at Argon Technology, an ultimate shop was offering an ideal match for your Primera LX900 Primera LX900 labels, LX910, and LX810, colour label printers. We stock a broad choice including the 3 by 2 inches White Matte ones, of Primera LX900 labels.  Argon Technology is the location where you could get all the supplies. Low products that are top-quality and prices, these are just two facets making Argon Technology. Looking at the Primera LX900 tags, you’ll determine that there are just two choices to pick from – Matte and High Gloss. It’s possible to pick a topcoat which suits your printing requirements.

LX900 Polypropylene (BOPP) tags

These labels can be employed using all the Primera LX910, LX800, along with Primera LX810 color label printer, offering excellent water resistance. Order tags at the very best prices just at Looking for artificial Primera LX900 Polypropylene (BOPP) tags, stop looking, you can purchase them. The tags are commonly employed for printing makeup labels. They can be found in just two topcoats – higher or Matte Gloss. For your LX900 Polyester tags, provides four distinct topcoats – transparent, gold, white, silver. If you want a tag, then lace labels are only right up the street.

Surely you Must Also check out the Primera LX800 These tags are simple to remove when required. They won’t leave any marks or glue on the surface of the product. The resolution is adequate, making images and text in a crisper way – around 300 x 600 dpi. Paper bags can be printed by this machine. Some cases include DVDs, file folders, envelopes, and packages. Since it is a device that is versatile, it can print continuous paper and can tape rolls such as banners and signs using a length of 3 feet. Because of the car cutter, it is possible to create as the outcome will be a lot cleaner, and you can eliminate the stress of edges that are unfinished.