The bedroom is your haven from the real world and it is a great place to let go of your public self and immerse yourself to the real you. You may be a tough executive in the office, but you can be the girly-girly type who likes pink and frills.

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Personalize your bedroom

Each bedroom is personal and whether or not there is a partner who sleeps with you, it can become a haven for you both. This is why it is so very important to make the right decision when it comes to the queen bedspread that both of you sleep in.

His and Hers

If for example your partner absolutely hates anything frilly and you love them, you can still achieve the effect that you want by putting a queen bedspread on the bed which is both masculine and feminine at the same time. Do not go for bedspreads with the lacy and frilly designs, don’t go for the pink colors either. You can achieve the feminine look by using a really urbane design but with materials that are feminine.

Have you ever seen a plain bedspread that on closer inspection is as feminine as could be? Look to materials like eyelet which can come in either busy lacy designs or conservative designs. Choose the ones which are conservative and use that as the base of the bed which will now appear feminine and plain at the same time. This is the conservative look which you masculine partner would appreciate more rather than going for frills, laces and what not’s.

You can also use a solid design like dark chocolate satin queen bedspreads and yet the effect can become feminine once the spread is turned to reveal the soft pearlized color that is very subtle.

Online Discounts, Great Buys

All kinds of materials and designs of bedspreads can be found online and they can be very cheap if they are on sale. There are even sites which slash their prices to more than 50% if they are on an inventory sale or if the stocks are the last on the inventory. Do not be scared to buy the discounted items as they are still brand new, but because there are new designs coming into season, then the retailers have to make sure that the entire inventory goes. Look for these sales and you will see that you can actually afford to get the most out of your money without sacrificing the aesthetics of your bedroom.