Weight watchers is a name we can trust when it comes to diet plans, after all who else has been in the business forty years and is still around to help us loose those extra pounds.  Recently came the weight watchers flex points, so now it’s easier than ever, not that it hasn’t been pretty darn easy all along.

Flex points really lightens it up a bit and really does make it the easiest weight loss program ever in North America and likely throughout the world.  Weight watchers flex points adds a new twist to the game, that’s for sure.

The name might give away just what this program is about. The Weight watchers flex points is about flexibility.  If that’s what you guessed then you guessed right.  This was a program that was designed for our modern day life.

So why change you ask ?  Well the new Weight watchers flex points is designed to work better with the busy schedules of today, cravings that pop up late at night and make it hard not to respond, as well as social pressures.  Finally dieters freedom has arrived. In fact it’s a lot easier to work with unexpected health balls.

So how does it work you ask ? Just as you do with the regular weight watchers program you have a daily point target that was created based on how much you weigh, your body type, and what type of weight loss you wish to achieve.  Every body works with a point value and there are no foods that are off limits, ever!
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Now you can also earn activity points for your exercising.  These points are deducted from your food points.  You can leave yourself with a negative balance or you can pig out and eat up the points you’ve gained.  Where flex points is different is that you have a reserve of 35 flex points that you can spend throughout the week however you like.  You also can earn Activity Points by exercising which you can swap for food. For example, say your curve ball this week is attending a Christmas party. How it would have worked before if you had managed to bank some points you would have used those for your Christmas party, otherwise you may have gotten hungry watching everyone else. With Weight watchers flex points you automatically have 35 points to spare and you can use them however you want.  If you don’t use them you don’t’ bank them but you do see even bigger weight loss results.

Since weight watchers is present in 30 countries and throughout the United States and Canada.  In fact there is an office in almost every town or city so there’s no reason you can’t get hooked up with the Weight watchers flex points system.

If you’ve got a few pounds to lose and you think that the Weight watchers flex points then there’s no better time to look them up and attend a starter meeting don’t you think.  So what are you waiting for ?