The orbital sander is most commonly found in wood shops, because this tool is used for sanding the wood. This tool is preferred by many people because it is very easy to use and also you can learn the working quickly. Apart from that this is mainly used for sanding the wood by hands. Orbital sander works on the basis of rotating a sand disk in an elliptical path. The finishing will be very smooth on the surface of the wood and also there won’t be even a single circulars rill mark on it. There are many orbital Sanders are available in that makita orbital sander is considered as a best among them.

Because of its features you can sand two pieces of wood at the same time though if the grains are placed in different positions. Sanding the wood between paint layers should be completely avoided while using orbital sander.

How to use the orbital sander:

The working of the orbital sander has five steps, they are;

  • Preparation.
  • Use dust extraction and ventilation.
  • Move the sander.
  • While working the sander the pressure level should be maintained constantly.
  • Keep the sander level.

Makita orbital sander: the best tool for sanding the woods:

Makita orbital sander is one of the powerful tools and this can be used for both simple and complex sanding process. This sanding tool can be utilized on plastic, timber and metal things. The best invention in this company is BO5041 127mm random orbit sander. This is one of the best powerful tools and works with low vibration. The reason for mentioning this content is you can handle this tool for long time without any discomfort. They have designed this tool with unique features and outlook. There are many variants in Makita orbital sander and you need to choose the tool based on your work by comparing the features of every orbital sander.